Create your own personalised house sign
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Aluminium House Signs

Brushed aluminium composite signs are another part of our range from which we have taken inspiration from the commercial market, to develop a house sign which has an architectural and industrial feel.

These signs are 3mm thick and consist of a brushed aluminium face with a composite core which is backed with another piece of aluminium. Our Aluminium house signs are very effective and have a great look.

Unlike some of the more common materials, like steel or cast iron signs, our aluminium signs do not rust or oxidise, and due to their strong lightweight composition they can easily be fixed almost anywhere.

The signs are written using a commercial grade brand of vinyl and come pre-drilled, with the required number of satin finish standoff mounts.

  • Made from a modern brushed aluminium material
  • All brushed aluminium is non-corrosive
  • They are lightweight and strong to ensure easy fitting
  • All signs are pre-drilled with relevant fittings
  • A large range of shapes and sizes available
  • Any standard size house signs from only $49.99

If brushed aluminium is the material that you are looking for, simply click the create your sign button and design your own personalised house sign! With over 25 different shapes and templates to choose from there is a sign to suit your needs. And if the sign isn’t big enough why not upgrade to a larger size?

If you have any problems please use the handy help tab at the top of the designer, or check to see if one of our friendly staff is available to help you via our Live Chat facility.

Our signs are a fantastic gift idea and every sign comes with a discount code on any future purchases.

Create your sign - in 3 steps

Getting Started...

Create your own personalised house signs

Follow the steps on our user friendly designer tool to create your very own personalise house sign.

Choose from a range of 8 quality materials, in 25 different shapes and sizes, with a variety of fonts and colours to choose from. Which will let you create a truly unique and personal house sign for the great price of $49.99

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