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Design a House Sign on Four in a Bed

11 November 2013, by Matthew Vincett

Four in a Bed is a British reality TV series shown on Channel 4. The programme features four Bed & Breakfast owning couples from around the country, each of which takes it in turns to stay with one another. At the end each couple pay their hosts what they consider fair for their stay.   The series has a real competitive edge with the four sets of proud B&B owners doing battle to see which one provides the best value for money.  Before

Designing your House Sign on iPad

13 June 2013, by Matthew Vincett

Having discussed in our previous ‘Design a House Sign’ blog post that we are proud to have created an iPad friendly interactive designer tool – we thought we’d show you exactly what each step looks like on iPad! This post will take you through the 5 steps of how to design your house sign on iPad, showing you how simple it really is. Don’t worry, the post will consist of mainly images, so the majority of the reading is done for now! Stage1: Enter the

Fitting your House Sign

07 June 2013, by Matthew Vincett

So your personalised house sign (or house signs!) has arrived. It is now time to fit it! In this post we will tell you how to fit your sign correctly. Depending on the material chosen the fittings you receive will be one of two types. Oak Slate and Granite signs come with Black Japanned screws. Our signs come pre drilled, so fitting the sign can be done in a few easy steps. Check your sign is correct before fitting. Any problems must be reported

Curb Appeal – Where to Start?

31 May 2013, by Matthew Vincett

Nothing screams “buy me” more than a clean, well presented house. So where do you start when it comes to trying to improve your house’s curb appeal? A potential buyer’s first impression of your home will be influenced by how the exterior looks; it is, after all, the first glimpse they get of the house. Whether you are preparing to sell your home or you’ve already put the for sale sign up, there is always a way to improve the curb appeal. Viewings are a

Design a House Sign

29 May 2013, by Matthew Vincett

Design a House Sign, was born making quality house signs from a small back bedroom and has grown into one of the largest online retailers of house signs in the UK. We have done this by keeping the highest standards of materials & manufacturing processes. House signs are important for so many reasons: Clear signage helps the emergency services find your house quicker at times when every second can count. Selling your house? Crisp new

Getting Started...

Create your own personalised house signs

Follow the steps on our user friendly designer tool to create your very own personalise house sign.

Choose from a range of 8 quality materials, in 25 different shapes and sizes, with a variety of fonts and colours to choose from. Which will let you create a truly unique and personal house sign for the great price of $49.99

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